Saturday, November 14, 2015

Say hello to newly born L'SIT 2SK82 amplifier

hello there!
After few years collecting parts and learning about L'Sit Amplifier from various DIY audio blogger and forum.. i build this massive amplifier.
It still new, no more than 24h from the first singing in my shifu's home yesterday.
let's the configuration speaks..
power supply from single 300VA power transformer with dual 18v secondary. each winding for each channel. rectified with International Rectifier followed with computer grade Kendeil K02 47000uF - air core 2.2mH - 47000uF - Sikorel 10000uF bypassed with REL CAP 20uF
Bias supply using single petit toroidal transformer - capacitance multiplier - 7912 and end capacitor supply bypassed again with REL CAP 20uF don't asks me why using this cap for bypass.. i'm using what I had in my drawer :)

As is forums and internet's peoples said.. this is hot amplifier.
i'm still using 1.8A bias. and the casing of VFET can reach almost 60 degree celcius.
heatsink temperature almost 45 degree celsius.
both measured with IR thermometer in 37 degree celcius ambient temperature..
i'm living in Surabaya. very hot lately...... and air con not avalaible in my working room...

so now I'm presenting.... my newly build L'SIT Amp, aka hot amp, aka heavy amp :)
27kgs makes my back and arms a little twisted, i just feel this morning that i had muscles!
cheers mate!

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