Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tweaked ES9018 Sabre

After comparing this DAC to my reference DAC, EAD DSP9000 Mk III, I feel my hand made ES9018 cannot bring the high notes as good as EAD, and the lower bass not punchy.
I try simple tweaking, changed the first supply capacitor from Kendeil K-05 22.000uF to be 6 pcs Panasonc FC 1000uF for analog regulator.
the result is good, detailed high notes but still not punchy bass.
This time I try to put 2pcs Elna Silmic II 2200uF, and yes, after 30 minutes running, there detail of high notes and punchy bass.
Now my ES9018 very good in staging position and detail. but i think this journey still on the road and need a lot of my spare times.

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