Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tweaked ES9018 Sabre-Lundahl LL1570XL

Yesterday I had a chance to swap 80Mhz clock to 100Mhz clock, now Amanero USB with sabre can sing DSD files fluently, not still as good using SPIF, need to build Amanero isolator board from
and maybe tweak the power supply for Amanero.
But for now sabre with 100Mhz clock sound better than 80Mhz clock, I dunno why, I have not measuring equipment, just two ears :)

My friend loan me a pair of Lundahl LL1570 XL, so why not try it on my Sabre :)
and, yes the result is amazing. I put 10k parallel with Rifa 10uF, bypassed with Vishay MKP1837 100nF and vishay MKP1830 10nF cap between primary CT to chassis ground as mentioned how to put Lundahl LL1684.
Amazing staging and tonality, but too much polite sound for my ears.
I need a little more dynamics.
Maybe I must try tube stage(s) after v/i transformer, or push pull tube circuit using output transformer.
still need a lot of learning.
cheers and happy monday everybody!

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