Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DAC Journey ES9018 SABRE DAC

After build several DAC, PCM 63 with tube stage, non oversampling AD1865, shunt regulated-tube stage, now *drum rolls* time for ES9018!
Actually I owned this PCB with embedded chip since last year, from but I have no time to studying and to build this board until few month ago.
I installed with what I had in my drawer, china made SMD 1206 resistors, Murata X7R SMD capacitors, and -forgot the name- ferrite beads 2A 600 Ohm.

Main power supply using Sanken ultra fast recovery diode, RL3z which i have from friend, thanks mate!
First capacitor tank is Kendeil 22,000uF, regulator using LT1085 Adjustable, last capacitor using Silmic for AVCC and Oscon 1500uF SEPC for digital supply both delivered 5.3v
AVCC power supply using low impedance power supply-LED V ref-OPA620SG (obsolete, beautiful and glamourous look, very precisely)-now using BC560B as final transistor, will try ZTX550...
this AVCC will supply 3.45v for AVCC of ES9018
VDD supply regulated by LT1733 3.3v non adjustable, I'm using two, one for VDD of ES9018 and another for clock supply.

Clock now I'm using what I had, KDS 80 Mhz 3.3v already ordered Pletronics SMD CMOS Oscilator 100 Mhz 3.3v which is still on his journey to my door :)

I decided using V/I transformer out after spying Andrea Ciuffoli and experimenting with friend's ES using balance to unbalance transformer.
Look at he twin black tower on the back, that is what I will using. 10K+10K:10K forgot the current capability, but I'm sure that will never blown away, 65H at 20hz, thats what I remembered.

I planned using Arduino controller, which has several benefits, user can set parameters, and digital volume control. on the photo, there are Arduino compatible, 20x4 display, ALPS rotary encoder 30 steps with switch.

Still waiting the overkill c core transformer for power transformer, 8v 5a each rail is a little bit overkill maybe?
And also the 100Mhz clock itself.
and also SPDIF buffer
and also hardware working, i mean the real hardware! drilling aluminum chassis, make window for LCD etc.
Still a lot of work and fun to do in spare time...

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