Wednesday, July 31, 2013

300B with interstage monoblock, few upgrades

Hi There!
My 300b monoblock has more improvement with few boutique parts,
Cathode resistor for WE437a using caddock film resistor with Ck Silmic 100 uF,
did try with silmic 470uF, 220 uF, blackgate standard 100uF, and my choice is silmic 100uF.
bigger value silmic has different sound signature, and blackgate not my style.
cathode resistor for 300B using caddock film resistor on small heat sink, Ck using BlackGate F 100uF/100v
Dropping resistor using caddock film foil resistor
The bleeder still using generic 270K/2W metal film resistor, want to try Kiwame, but still didn't have this resistor.
The result is more airy hi and better focus imaging.
At my first impression is my system more silent, maybe the noise floor is dropped, but i don't know exactly as i didn't have measurement tools, only my ears and sometimes borrowing my friend's ears :)

last month, I got cardas chassis RCA GRFA, which I can install in this amp, because I using 5mm thick aluminum chassis, it not easy to find chassis RCA that can put on this thick chassis.
Cardas makes sound better from mid low to hi. but the bass is a little bit weaker.
compared from the previous chassis RCA (I'm using CMC chassis RCA, the cheapest one) the CMC has more weight on bass, but the hi not as clear as Cardas chassis RCA.
from chassis RCA to the grid and ground of WE437a I'm using pure silver bare wire, isolated using cotton tubing, only twisted 1 time, 30cm long. I don't know the brand, my friend gave me :)
For IEC AC inlet after using Furutech rhodium IEC, I turn back using generic type, no brand actually. Furutech rhodium cut off a lot of bass in my system.

my friend bring me Furutech gold IEC, but I still didn't have time to try..
Cheers mate!